Concentrated pure active ingredients: AHA peeling solution (9%)

Pure Peel Solution AHA

Pure Peel Solution AHA

The well-balanced blend of 9% concentrated AHA Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (glycolic, tartaric and mandelic) accelerate skin renewal and increases the effectiveness of subsequent care products. From the very first application the exfoliating solution refines, smooths and balances the skin tone.
The synergy of glycolic acid from sugar cane and tartaric acid from fermented grapes immediately refines and smooths the skin structure effectively and accelerates natural skin renewal. Mandelic acid obtained from bitter almonds ensures high skin compatibility. It reduces the excessive production of pigments and diminishes already existing hyperpigmentation. The skin tone appears more uniform and the complexion more even.
For immediately visibly refined, smoother and brighter skin, perfectly primed to benefit fully from subsequent skin care treatments.
For all skin types, even the most sensitive.
High-quality pure formulation free from parabens, alcohol, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, petrolatum, phenoxyethanol, colorants and perfume.

Concentrated pure active ingredients: elastin and collagen

Pure Lift Elastin & Collagen

Concentrated active ingredients of Elastin and Collagen work in synergy to improve elasticity and visibly firms, redensifying skin and reshaping facial contours over time.
Elastin is a highly elastic protein that helps skin tissue regain its shape, it provides effective support to the skin tissue, helping to reshape facial contours. Collagen improves skin density, increases cell turgor, thus minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing the formation of new ones.
Skin is immediately suppler and visibly firmer. It firms, redensifies, and reshapes facial contours over time. Wrinkles are less visible, for a younger-looking appearance.
Certified and approved by a dermatologist that have tested and proved the formulation to be effective on 40 subjects.


Your’s skin waterbomb


Pure plump HA4 hyaluronic acid

Pure 4-molecular weight hyaluronic acid for face and neck, deeply moisturising with an immediate firming effect. It acts upon the different layers of the epidermis. The cross-linked molecule holds up to 5 times more water, thus instantly multiplying skin water reserves and plumping skin ageing. From the very beginning, the skin is firmer, healthier and more glowing while ensuring a hydrating and plumping action over time, delivering an anti-ageing redensifying effect. Its formula has been enriched with B vitamins which are indispensable for skin: Niacinamide (0.8%) repairs, soothes redness and reduces dyschromia; Provitamin B5 (0.5%) has an anti-inflammatory action and favours collagen and elastin production. Their combined action helps to revitalise skin, improves skin tone and promotes a feeling of comfort even for the most sensitive skins.

An hydrating booster for the skin

Pure Plump HA4 Hyaluronic Acid Mask

A tissue mask formulated with high quality, pure hyaluronic acid to instantly replenishes skin’s natural hydration level, deeply rehydrating skin. Provides lasting hydration and improves skin’s firmness over time, for a visibly toned and plumped look.
The formula features high quality, pure hyaluronic acid in 4-molecular weights (HA4), carefully calibrated to provide a targeted and lasting intense hydration treatment across different layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid retains large amounts of water, supporting and replumping from within.
Enriched with Niacinamide, a vitamin that helps restructure skin and fight redness, and Provitamin B5, which promotes collagen and elastin production.
For a deeply rehydrated, firmer and plumped skin from the very first application. Certified and approved by a dermatologist that have tested and proved the formulation to be effective on 20 subjects.