The contouring revolution

Skincare contouring sculpts and defines your face with lights and shadows that create volume and enhance your features. The result? A make-up artist look without the need for make-up!
And it’s easy to do: you just need the Instant Bright CC Cream Light and Dark tones, the Fast anti-dark circles eye cream as a highlighter, the FaceD brush with rounded tip, and a map of the right areas of the face.

1. Base

CC Cream Light

Even out your skin tone by applying CC Cream Light to build up an even base.

2. Highlighting

Fast anti-dark circles eye cream

Use the Fast anti-dark circles eye cream to lighten up the center of your forehead, nose bridge, Cupid’s bow, cheekbones and tip of the chin: the result will surprise you!

3. Shadows

CC Cream Dark

Apply CC Cream Dark to the sides of the nose to make it look smaller, on the temples up to the hairline to downsize your forehead, and on the jawline to create a thinner-looking face and sculpted chin. 

4. Blend


Carefully even out and blend colours by using the brush with rounded tip to achieve the utmost homogeneity.