The FaceD CONCEPT. We like the way we work.

The idea originated from our desire to provide solutions for our friends. Our aim is to transcend the compromise between make-up and skin care, for action against problems and imperfections, both immediately or in forty days. We like to see ourselves as breaking free from the chicken/egg dichotomy when it comes to beauty! We’re not saying that our cosmetics are the best in the world, but we are safe in the knowledge that they: -Have been designed well because we conceived them with ourselves in mind (most importantly) -Are safely formulated -Do exactly what it says on the packaging -Above all, they provide solutions to what many customers are looking for. We are often asked if they really do work, customers are often suspicious of the accessible prices compared to other promising but expensive products. Here’s why we are able to provide reasonably priced products: -We prefer to invest in research rather than costly advertisement and testimonial campaigns -We produce in Italy, thus keeping logistic costs to a minimum -We get straight to the point: we sell directly or almost directly to retailers and strive to streamline the chain between us and those who wish to purchase FaceD products -We’re small: If you want to get things done the right way you need to focus on quality not quantity -We don’t have 150 references: there’s no use in showing you our potential, we prefer to invest in what we’re already really good at!


“Usually cosmetic products are developed from market investigations or from the need to fill a gap in supply. In contrast, the FaceD brand was developed by an aware, discerning and demanding cosmetics consumer: Myself. Reinforced by years of experience in product development, which honed my skills in acknowledging advice, observations, comments, sometimes even criticisms, from friends and even relatives.  What’s the most recurring question? “But when are you going to come up with a product that does it all?” What came up most frequently was the desire not to compromise when choosing a product, between immediate results or the patient nurturing of results over time, or rather whether to fight wrinkles in a month of constant hard work or to treat yourself to a radiant look with an instant ‘pick-me-up’. Over time, I’ve increasingly come to realise just how common this is for everyone, men and women, regardless of age. FaceD is inspired by what are sometimes pressing suggestions from lots of women, men, friends…from those who wish to take care of their appearance to feel good, it has been developed around solutions and answers to an almost overwhelming amount of questions! Each of our products and ranges aims to liberate customers from compromise, to provide them with a global solution to all of their problems.”

Chiara, Founder

FaceD Social

We commit to selecting the best technical skills regardless of people’s age and working status.
In the management of human resources we work according to an unemployed-first perspective and we support Age Diversity to create a fair society free of generational barriers.


Trying to understand daily modern skin needs, using core expertise and the newest technologies, we deliver solutions.We develop products for specific demands, replying to modern needs and giving accurate and safe solutions. That’s how we work. FaceD is not today or tomorrow.

Face D is Now. Forever


Believies in

• r&d 
• international sourcing
  • Specialised skills
• new generation of ingredients
• new industrial processes
• Packaging which protects the product
• value for money

Disbelieves in

• promotions
• turn key purchases
  • compromise
• old marketing stories
• low quality
• mass production
•a  sexy approach
• marketing positioning