Nourishes and replenishes skin, complete anti-ageing action



A complete nourishing treatment for mature, dry or stressed skin. This rich and full-bodied cream acts on all the signs of skin aging for suppler, softer and more elastic skin.
The 3-LURONICS technology – hyaluronic acid with three molecular weights – is now joined by a fourth player: cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which specifically fights the natural slowing down of cellular metabolism and increases skin hydration. Thanks to the synergy of the 4 hyaluronic acids, the skin is immediately suppler and more hydrated for the whole day. Carnosine, a powerful peptide with anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle properties, combines with the stem cells of Gardenia which help stimulate collagen production. The synergy of these two active ingredients contributes to more toned and firmed skin, day after day. The cocktail of Vitamins C and E fights free radicals, oxidative stress and skin aging. Floral extracts of Peony, Magnolia and Rosa Gallica add an exciting touch, for a complete sensory experience that also involves the sense of smell. A single gesture of beauty to deeply nourish the face and protect it from the signs of time, ensuring elasticity, hydration and comfort from the first application.

Nourishes, treats and redefines in just one gesture

MASCARA MASK lash & brow cream mask

Lash & brow cream mask. Nourishes, treats and redefines. Wraps the eyelashes in a protective film that helps maintain the structure and thickens the diameter. Contains phytokeratine with restructuring properties, hyaluronic acid and cotton seed oil for care and hydration. Use it daily evening and morning as a nourishment treatment on eyelashes and eyebrows for nourishing and healing action. Ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers.

MASCARA MASK lash & brow cream mask

Your’s skin waterbomb


Pure plump HA4 hyaluronic acid

Pure 4-molecular weight hyaluronic acid for face and neck, deeply moisturising with an immediate firming effect. It acts upon the different layers of the epidermis. The cross-linked molecule holds up to 5 times more water, thus instantly multiplying skin water reserves and plumping skin ageing. From the very beginning, the skin is firmer, healthier and more glowing while ensuring a hydrating and plumping action over time, delivering an anti-ageing redensifying effect. Its formula has been enriched with B vitamins which are indispensable for skin: Niacinamide (0.8%) repairs, soothes redness and reduces dyschromia; Provitamin B5 (0.5%) has an anti-inflammatory action and favours collagen and elastin production. Their combined action helps to revitalise skin, improves skin tone and promotes a feeling of comfort even for the most sensitive skins.

Anti-cold instant strategy against winter weather conditions

SOS winter remedy soothing face mask

A disposable fabric mask that stimulates the skin’s regenerative self-defence processes and protects against damage caused by exposure to winter weather conditions. Formulated with 3-LURONICS, three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid that reactivate collagen synthesis. Enriched with GLYCOPROTEIN COMPLEX, with superb protection against dryness, while shielding skin from the damaging effects of extremely cold temperatures, it facilitates skin’s retention of natural water reserves. The organic substance discovered in Antartic thrives in the most extreme environmental conditions and survives thanks to its unique cryoprotective (protection against freezing) properties.


Join the FaceD world!


FaceD T-Shirt

A 100% cotton T-shirt featuring the FaceD print on the chest area. Different models and colours available. Ideal for those who want a modern and informal style and to feel part of the “FaceD” world.

A boost of Hydration


A hydration boost in just 20 minutes. A mask in non-woven fabric which replenishes natural hydration levels in just 20 minutes and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. The fabric face mask – with exclusive 3-LURONICS technology featuring three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid acting on different skin layers – confers skin with radiance, compactness and hydration. Monthly application renders the face more toned and sculpted and reduces the visibility of wrinkles.


Hydrating and firming cream with antipollution action



SPF is an essential in any routine, and with this multi-tasking face cream it’s never been easier to ensure your skin is protected at all times! Fast absorbing, firming and revitalising, the benefits of this cream know no bounds when it comes to prepping skin for make-up or fighting daily pollution and grime. Enriched with moringa seeds and hyaluronic acid, the formula promotes a smoother, firmer and more hydrated complexion, and with its fast absorbing nature it’s perfect for everyday use!



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